Cloud services for the
Education industry

Open up opportunities for cutting-edge educational
experiences through the power of the cloud.

Empower students, faculty
and administrators with secure and
scalable technology.

Whether it’s primary, secondary or tertiary, harnessing the power of the cloud brings new capabilities in eLearning, teaching, student interaction and administration. Technology is offering educators and students a better learning pathway with continual growth and greater interactive content through personalised eLearning.

Our team has more than a decade of experience in implementing cloud solutions that increase operational performance. We can help your institution accelerate innovation with quick and easy access to services, gain efficiency by improving visibility and automation, and mitigate risk through unified operations and governance.

How we help the Education industry

Enterprise networking

Managing device density across campus to deliver secure, quality learning is a huge challenge for IT Managers. Digital Sense can help you design cloud solutions for your unique networking infrastructure including design and deployment, consulting and application management and app optimisation.

Data security

Securing a high volume of data such as enrolments, finance and educational material is labour intensive and highly technical. Digital Sense bolsters your security posture through Rubrik powered technology that reduces resourcing needs and adds industry-leading safeguards to your infrastructure.

Disaster remediation

Digital Sense offers disaster remediation from cloud-based recovery model that are fully backed by a team of experts. Our in-house team of cybersecurity experts provide best practice data management and 24/7 support that ensures your institution has business continuity in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

Tailored cloud capability

Minimise your infrastructure costs and manage your workload more efficiently with secure cloud architecture. Choose from Public, Private and Dedicated Private cloud options that deliver easier growth and reduced risk. Scale seamlessly with multiple data centre options for redundancy and uninterrupted eLearning.

Grow through the power of the Cloud

Digital Sense recognises the crucial role of eLearning in the education sector and the importance of delivering seamless tuition online. Our cloud solutions deliver the efficiency, latency and security that facilitates user-friendly access to platforms and tools that support the students and faculty.


Protect your most valuable asset with data protection that aligns with your business needs.


Managed multi-cloud solutions across physical, virtual and shared environments.


Flexible, high-performance secure data storage for objects and files.


Bring your users, data and the cloud together with simple high-performance connectivity solutions that reduce risk and cost.


Colocate your critical data in fully managed data centres for the ultimate connectivity between systems.

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