Digital Data Storage

Flexible, high-performance secure data storage for objects and files.


A fully managed storage environment that delivers the performance, capacity and workload you need to effectively access and retain your data.

Access your data when and where you need it

The more data your business generates, the more critical data storage and access becomes. DSStore helps you take control of your data with flexible storage solutions across public cloud, a dedicated cloud or on your own premises.

This is much more than a data warehouse. DSStore is fully managed data storage system that delivers the workload, performance and security you need for your valuable business data. Whether you need object or file storage, this system easily adapts to your exact requirements.


From general file storage, to virtual machine storage, big data, analytics, and large media file workloads, this is a storage solution that truly integrates with your business. With DSStore, you always have access to your data, when and where you need it.

24/7 monitoring

24/7 monitoring

Fully monitored and managed from the Digital Sense Operations Centre

Multiple storage tiers and classes

Multiple storage tiers and classes

Choose from multiple storage tiers across a range of storage classes, including flash and object storage

High availability

High availability

Five nines availability backed with financial SLAs

Data storage replication

Data storage replication

Data storage replication and disk-based snapshots for data recovery

Multi-data centres

Multi-data centres

Multi-data centre options for redundancy and high availability



Secure tenancy including data encryption at rest

Scale up as you need

Scale up as you need

Scalability and elasticity tailored to match business requirements

Directory services

Directory services

Supports directory services integration

The security and service you expect

DSStore is offered ‘as-a-service’ or fully managed, depending on your requirements. We work with you to design a storage solution that delivers the performance you need, the security you expect and the access you need in your business.

This flexible solution can easily scale up as your data storage requirements grow and keep you and your team connected no matter where you are working. Best of all, there are no hidden charges for accessing your own data.

  • Charged by front-end, provisioned data on a per-GiB (capacity) and tiered performance basis, with no additional data access charges.

  • Provided on a subscription model with 1, 3 or 5-year contract terms available.
  • Select the specific performance, speed and capacity required for your needs.
  • Move data between your equipment and the cloud through Ethernet (iSCSI, SMB & NFS).
  • Consume storage on a per GiB basis, close to your existing cloud for high-performance and faster connectivity.
  • Simplicity of architecture and optimised operation, resulting in better commercial operation and lead architecture for customers.
  • Brisbane-based data centre delivering lower latency.
  • Local customer support team and 24/7 service.
DSStore Brochure

To learn more, download a copy of our DSStore product brochure

DSStore Object


Object Storage-as-a-Service

DSObject provides secure, fully managed long-term storage solutions that easily scale with your changing business needs.

Flexible and scalable object storage comes complete with data protection, across three Brisbane-based data centres. This robust solution provides a petabyte-scale, geo-dispersed object storage platform.

  • Geo-dispersed object storage platform, scalable to multiple petabytes
  • Available on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • Access via a hardware-based security load-balancing platform
  • High availability and durability
  • Flexible networking connection options available (public, private, off internet)
  • API and ILM driven to support advanced cloud workflows

  • No API call charges and no retrieval charges
  • Secure multi-tenancy via authentication and network

  • Integration with public cloud S3-compatible systems for replication, and cold object tiering
  • Security encryption, RBAC, WORM capabilities, encryption key management

  • Metadata search, reporting and visualisation integration

Secondary storage

Support backup and recovery storage workloads with DSProtect and third-party data protection solutions.

Long-term retention

Long-term retention including file archive, logging and secondary copy data generated by data protection and information management solutions.

Tape library replacement

Combined with various data management tools, DSObject can be used as a storage platform for tape library-based workloads.

Media asset management

Media asset management, including long-term media storage, performance-focused media solutions and file-based media workloads.

File gateway

File gateway capabilities for media and entertainment, big data analytics and other data-intensive applications, including NFS and SMB object access, data snapshots and replication.


Supports optimised use of flash-based storage, efficient data protection and improved data consistency capabilities for applications including analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

DS Store File


DSFile delivers high performance file storage in shared or dedicated environments, for the ultimate in flexibility.

Designed to deliver a large-scale, multi-site file storage platform with a number of key features across performance tiers.

This solution is perfect for customers who need general purpose file storage, virtual machine storage, big data and analytics, persistent container storage or media and entertainment workloads.

  • Multi-site resilience

  • On-demand, self-service storage provisioning

  • Elasticity and scalability
  • Multiple performance tiers to suit your business needs

  • Storage efficiency including deduplication and file compression
  • Encryption support in-flight and at rest
  • Access from multiple locations including public and private clouds
  • Platform operating system and host agnostic support
  • Secure multi-tenancy support
  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • Built-in capacity and evergreen lifecycle management

DSFile Dedicated

Dedicated file storage

Dedicated storage for files and all associated infrastructure. This data storage solution can be hosted within Digital Sense data centres, in customer remote offices or on customer premises.

DSFile Shared

Shared file storage

Delivers the same capabilities as DSFile Dedicated, using shared infrastructure. Storage is connected to compute over IP, with support for a variety of network connection mechanisms. While you will be sharing with up to five other clients, performance will not be impacted.


Replicated file storage

Dedicated storage for files and all associated infrastructure. This data storage solution can be hosted within Digital Sense data centres, in customer remote offices or on customer premises.

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