Seamless storage solutions

Grow your business with easy scaling and efficient performance.

Redefining your storage solution

An effective storage solution is a huge contributor to an efficient workday. Dealing with slow response times is a huge contributor to frustration and lost productivity.

Building a storage solution that’s efficient for end users and meets the cost pressures of your budget requires some careful planning. Our experts can help analyse your requirements and design a solution that delivers consistent, high performance for your business.

Signs you need a new data storage strategy


ROI Issues

Performance doesn’t match cost.

Low Latency@2x


Performance is sluggish and causing frustration.


Poor Visibility

Performance insights are unclear.


Security Concerns

Unknown risks or vulnerability to data loss.

Balancing cost and functionality

Consider the questions below:

Performance: Is your current storage solution delivering the speed your end users need?

Scalability: Does your solution scale seamlessly with your performance needs?

Back up: Can your business survive a power failure or memory failure without losing data?

Compliance: How are you protecting data in-flight and data-at-rest?

Costs: Is the price you are paying competitive?

Build the right storage solution
for your business.

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• Create a data management strategy
• Define roles in the data management system
• Control data throughout its life cycle
• Maximise the use of data
• Keep costs low with maximum efficiency

Find the right solution for your workload with DSStore.

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Fully managed long-term storage solutions that easily scale with your changing business needs.

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High performance file storage in shared or dedicated environments for ultimate flexibility.

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