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Get proactive about cyber security

Data is the lifeblood of your business. It touches everything from HR to IT to finance to customers. So what would be the consequences to your business if a cyber threat suddenly compromised your data?

Most SME operators will be aware of the more regular cyber threats out there like malware, phishing or ransomware and may have had to deal with them. However, the difficulty for many is adopting a strong enough cyber security posture to insulate their businesses from these threats in the first place.

Smarter cyber security with the Essential 8

The Essential 8 is a cyber security framework formulated by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). It provides a baseline for organisations of all sizes to insulate themselves against the key cyber threats and determines the degree of implementation for each of the eight components.

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  1. Application whitelisting – To control the execution of unauthorised software.
  2. Application patching – To remediate known security vulnerabilities in applications.
  3. Restricting admin privileges – To limit powerful access to systems.
  4. Patching operating systems – To remediate known security vulnerabilities in operating systems.
  5. Disabling untrusted Microsoft Office macros – To block untrusted macros.
  6. Application hardening – Protect against vulnerable functionality.
  7. Multi-factor authentication – To protect against risk of account breach.
  8. Daily back-ups – To maintain the availability of critical data.

How does it work?

Implementing the Essential 8 enables an organisation to achieve a uniform security posture across all areas of the business even when the company has some security components in place to ensure maximum security.

Each component can be tailored to the risk profile of any organisation as well as the threats they are most concerned about. While no one mitigation approach can guarantee protection against every cyber threat, the Essential 8 provides a strong baseline security posture for an organisation.

Protect the growth of your business with some help from the Cloud

Digital Sense can help your business reach a robust security posture by harnessing the power of the cloud.
Cyber threats present a risk to businesses of all sizes and without the proper infrastructure protecting your data,
the financial and reputational costs can be crippling.

Our suite of cloud products can give you the advanced capability to boost efficiency and reduce risk.


Protect your most valuable asset with data protection that aligns with your business needs.


Managed multi-cloud solutions across physical, virtual, and shared environments.


Flexible, high-performance secure data storage for objects and files.


Bring your users, data and the cloud together with simple, high-performance connectivity solutions that reduce risk and cost.


Colocate your critical data in fully managed data centres for the ultimate connectivity between systems.

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