Proactive Disaster Recovery

Safeguard the growth of your business with DRaaS.

DRaaS. What is it?

Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) is a managed service that enables your organisation to regain control and functionality of its IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. DRaaS supports your company’s security posture through cloud technology that replicates your data in facilities that are maintained by a third-party supplier.

An effective DRaaS solution is a key element to your cyber security posture. It enables your organisation to harness a proactive safeguard against threats including ransomware, hardware failure, natural disaster or intentional or accidental deletion of data.

Understand the business benefits of a DRaaS solution

• Find out how DRaaS protects your data and your business
• Mitigate the threat of ransomware with secure data replication
• See the key threats that DRaaS protects your business from
• Reduce impact on your bottom line by switching to an OpEx cost model
• Increase visibility on the internal and external workloads of your network

Are you ready to respond
to a disaster scenario?

Consider the questions below:


  • How much data can you afford to lose?
  • How long can you afford to be offline?
  • Do you know which systems are the most important to your business?
  • What would you do if the most crucial equipment required for an operation goes down tomorrow?
  • Would your employees be able to work without this piece of equipment?


Our expert team can help you answer these questions with a DRaaS solution that protects the growth of your business.

Why your business needs a DRaaS solution

Frequent backup and fast recovery that ensures continuity of critical apps

High availability with decreased probability of lost or corrupted data

Efficient testing and compliance reporting without disruption to services

Safeguard the growth of your business
with DSProtect

Our DSProtect solution gives you the highest level of data security, back-up functionality and remediation in a disaster scenario. If a breach occurs, you can rest assured your data is safe and recoverable through robust, industry leading technology powered by Rubrik.

Reduce the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks with role-based access control, multi-factor authentication and single sign-on compatibility.

Securely back-up all of your data in line with your existing IT automation and cloud infrastructure.

Benefit from data immutability against data loss or manipulation including viruses, ransomware, bugs or sabotage.

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